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Ronald Staheli

ronald staheliDr. Ronald Staheli has become widely known for what critics call "a profound sense of phrasing and articulation which informs all his work." He is conductor of the Brigham Young University Singers whose performances and recordings have brought the choir an international reputation for choral excellence. A recent review of a BYU Singers performance described the choir as "stunning in the accuracy of its intonation, its enormous dynamic flexibility, and its beautiful phrasing."

Dr. Staheli was a guest lecturer at the International Choral Symposium in Sydney, Australia, where BYU Singers, representing the United States, performed two concerts in the Sydney Opera House and Town Hall. Dr. Staheli has performed in the Middle East, Russia, Western and Eastern Europe, the South Pacific, and West Africa. He has been guest conductor with the choirs and orchestra of the Zimriya International Festival in Jerusalem. While in Israel with BYU Singers, a critic for Ha'aretz wrote about Dr. Staheli's work with the choir: "This is a disciplined choir that is precise, clean, and cohesive, but never mechanical; the spiritual elements are present in each piece the coir sings. The performance was polished, with clear pronunciation and rich, dynamic, colorful sounds and nuances."