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menahem presslerJose Menor performs at Wigmore Hall. Learn more about Jose Menor.

Pianist Menahem Pressler receives French award. Learn more about Menahem Pressler.


Encore Arts Management is an industry leader in promoting and managing professional musicians and ensembles. This page gives an overview of the portfolio of services that Encore offers its clients. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us!

Publicity Services | Agent Services

Publicity Services

Maintaining a competitive internet presence is essential for the success of today’s artist. Unfortunately many artists and management agencies do not have the resources and experience to navigate through the complexities of internet production by themselves - not to mention managing e-mail lists, electronic distribution of music and art, and multimedia production. These services can be costly, and difficult to determine value in a world unfamiliar to most musicians and artists. In addition, it is challenging to find web designers that also understand the unique complexities of the classical music world.

Partnering with Encore Arts Management can be one of the most effective ways to maintain a competitive edge in a digital world, without the hassle and high cost. In addition, Encore can conduct all business directly with other arts management agencies, allowing them to provide our services under their own name. Listed below are some examples of the services we provide.

Encore offers a variety of promotion services to fit your needs. The following are some examples:

  • Identity Management - creating logos and color schemes
  • Graphic Design - designing CD packaging, posters, business cards, etc.
  • Website Design - building high-quality websites at affordable prices
  • Website Maintenance - monthly maintenence and update services
  • Search Engine Optimization - channeling traffic from the major search engines (MSN, Yahoo!, and Google) to your website
  • Ad Management - budgeting and creating advertisement campaigns
  • Online Distribution - promote your music online (iTunes and Amazon.com)

Our promotion services vary to fit all needs and budgets. For more information about Encore's promotion services, please contact us.

Agent Services

The key to survival as a professional musician is having enough opportunities to perform. Getting them can be tricky, which is why we want to help! Encore's staff can help you plan concert, tour, and recording performances. As a regular participants at the major national presenters conferences (Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Arts Midwest, etc.) Encore can help new performances lined up. With our commission compensation plan, you only pay us when you get a gig. In addition, Encore does not believe in exclusive contracts. That means that you can still work with other representation agencies. However, we are so convinced that you will love working with Encore that you'll choose to continue to work with us in the future. The following are some examples of our agent services:

  • Concert bookings
  • Press releases
  • Image consulting
  • Repertoire consulting
  • Program advising
  • Recording consultations

For more information about our representation service, contact us.