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Encore News

Encore to launch new workshop series for music schools across the country. More information will be available soon.

Congratulations to Menahem Pressler for his lifetime achievement awards. Visit www.MenahemPressler.org for more information.

The Beaux Arts Trio releases a new CD through Encore and Warner Classics. Learn more about the new CD by visiting www.BeauxArtsTrio.org

Encore Clients & Projects

Encore Arts Management works with professional musicians and their agents to take advnatage of new media options for publicity and marketing goals. Here are some of our talented musicians.

atlas trioAtlas Trio
Piano Trio


Melinda Baird

Beaux Arts Trio
Piano Trio
(public relations only)

orpheus windsOrpheus Winds
Wind Quintet

menahem presslerMenahem Pressler
mercury ensembleMercury Ensemble
Chamber Orchestra
jordania trioJordania Trio
Piano Trio

jose menorJosé Menor

daniel bradshawDaniel Bradshaw
ronald staheliRonald Staheli
Choral Conducting, Composition
rosalind hallRosalind Hall
Choral Conducting

For information about any of our clients, click the links above or contact us.